[PoliceDOGE] NFT Marketplace Launch

2 min readJul 18, 2021


PoliceDOGE NFT (PNFT) Contract: 0x2b237d57a292b8f36825ae8f02d3bb29dfad08a8

PoliceDOGE NFT is a simple, user-friendly NFT platform on BSC that has enormous potential to enrich digital artists and drive the creative industry forward. You can create your NFT for a very cheap fee and list it on the growing marketplace within seconds. PoliceDOGE NFT currently allows digital creators to mint artworks, memes, punks or video.

Minting NFTs on BSC can be very profitable and PoliceDOGE is here to make the process even easier. Discover the smoothest way to create NFTs on BSC.

How to create your own NFTs on BSC?

Tokenizing your artworks on PoliceDOGE NFT Marketplace using Using MetaMask wallet follows the same process.

  1. Go to https://marketplace.policedoge.com/

2. Connect to Metamask wallet

3. Click on “Create”

Click on “Select A File" to add your file. All files must be below 8MB and only original pieces are allowed. No adult, violence, plagiarized or copied content will be tolerated and users will be banned from our platform.

4. Enter “NFT Name" and “NFT Description"

5. Enter the price (in BNB), the platform automatically shows the current USD equivalent.

6. Click Approve, pay storage fee (0.0025BNB) and Confirm on Metamask wallet.

Please do not close the browser until the transactions are confirmed (There are 2 transactions performed during the creation process: Pay Storage and NFT minting transaction).